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Lesson 41-Synopsis Template

Feature film structure in a story

(*The hero is both male and female)

The hero with a wound to his ego is blessed by a ray of hope and decides to go on a quest. As soon as he is on the road, love is introduced but it triggers fear. The hero finally sees all the reasons behind suffering. The pressure is big, the hero pushes towards fulfillment. His wish is maybe granted, but little does he know that he is on a “false mountain.” “I was fooled by fools,” he says. “Can I be both this and that at the same time,” he asks. It’s time to let the heart decide. If he doesn’t risk everything he may end up alone. “So, this is where I belong, everything else has to go.” The emotional breakdown comes unexpectedly but the hero is rewarded with self-growth, and when it comes time for a final battle, he will be ready to face his biggest enemy. The old part of himself has to die. By owning his/her inner power, he/she ascends to a new world. “Love is possible, says the hero, “now I know the truth and I want to share it with the world.”

Feature film structure in a poem

I fight and fight but all I find is pain and wounds

This life is a battle

Pull out the roots they say

It doesn’t have to be this way–

Come, they say – do something about it, find your way

Can I really? Am I the one?

I have the drive and the power to back myself up

Let’s go far away, let’s see what others have to say

It’s love, they say

That can heal my wounds and rule the world

But can I trust it? Since you can’t trust anyone in this world

At least this is how it was

Why not take the low hanging fruit, why not win?

It’s just a game they say – why not enjoy it

But that’s not it, I am all alone and it hurts a lot

I need the magic from above

To help me, not to breakdown but to breakthrough

It seems that the only way out is death

of an old self

I feel pushed against the wall

I look up at what’s above

And suddenly I am not afraid

‘Cause I can be born again

Now when I know who I am

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1 Comment

...rebirth into a new story?....beautiful poem, resonates...thx:)

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