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Lesson #10 Wheel Exposition Warrior->Fool Step Examples

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

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To explain why I think the exposition (the first 10-12 minutes) is all about the Warrior-->Fool archetype, I will now show you how all of the characters in the beginning of several classic movies are actually coming out of their personal "war" and not so much out of the ordinary world. They all have their weaknesses, wounds and problems, which their ego can’t solve.

Rovigno, Croatia

I will analyze all of the expositions, scene by scene, by writing down what information is being provided. Next time we will explore Inciting Incident, the Creator archetype on the wheel.

The Piano Teacher (2001), Michael Haneke

This title is exactly Erika’s problem, she is not a pianist – she is just a piano teacher.

Erika is a 40-year-old woman and she still lives with her mother.

Erika has a possessive mother – she is in a pathological relationship with her.

They get into a fight over a dress she bought herself.

She is insulted by her mother.

She is emotionally blackmailed by her mother.

Her mother has control over her.

They even sleep together in the same bed.

Erika is frustrated – she was not good enough to become a pianist – instead, she is a piano teacher with an attitude.

Fish Tank (2009), Andrea Arnold

Mia lives in a rough neighborhood where socially disadvantaged families also live.

Mia has a problem with her friend, she is not answering her calls.

She loves to dance, but she has to break into empty apartments so she can have her space.

Her best friend is now hanging out with other girls. Mia kicks one of the girls to show her dominance and her jealousy.

Mia sees a horse in captivity, she wants to free it, but boys attack her.

When coming home, Mia argues with her mom, “You are my problem”.

Mia lives without a father.

Sunset Boulevard (1950), Billy Wilder

“I always wanted a pool” (Joe’s moral weakness)

His stories don’t sell.

Joe asks himself: “Am I good enough?”

He’s broke.

Soon he won’t have a car.

Agents, producers – no one wants to give him a job.

He decides to leave Hollywood.

Silence Of The Lambs (1991), Jonathan Demme

The main character, Clarice, is extremely ambitious, which is just a cover for her feeling inadequate.

First problem: Small town (provincial) girl

Second: Being a woman in a man’s world

Taxi Driver (1976), Martin Scorsese