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Green Softness

The original screenplay for a feature film 




Writer's note

A single kindergarten teacher, who’s father is dying, gives in to a dangerous affair with a married man.

“Green Softness” is the story of LENE (38) a kindergarten teacher, who dreams of having a family of her own. After her mother’s death, Lene and her father MADS (68) have not been in contact. Now Mads knows he is dying and wants to restore his relationship with Lene, but instead, she gives in to a dangerous affair with married man, SVEN (33), the father of SARA (5), one of the cutest girls in her care who is quite attached to her. Soon Lene has to confront Sara who is forced to fight for her family, the same way Lene had to a long time ago. After she loses both Sven and Sara, she finally wants to help Mads, but there is not much time left.

The story of the film takes place during winter somewhere in the north, possibly in Scandinavia. It is coming out of a premise that an unfaithful husband in children’s eyes becomes an unfaithful father. It is a family drama about loneliness and hidden, locked, frightened, wounded emotions between people who are closest to each other, parents and children. As a consequence, illness comes, but it turns out to be a salvation, a call for forgiveness, love and softness. It is also a film that reflects male–female relationships through this very relationship between a father and a daughter.

*Also available in Spanish 

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