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Where Are You From?

a theater play


All scenes of the following play cover the dramatically intense two-weeks leading to the rupturing year 1999 in Belgrade; they are all set in interiors. These interiors are mostly alike, and the stage is always empty, undecorated. The only object on the stage is a bed. It is a place on which everything unfolds. Characters are making it, unmaking it, moving it, and, according to the text, transforming it into different things, from a kitchen table to a car or an elevator, depending on what they need to use at the moment.

Original  Gde ti živiš? 



in „Scena” 3–4/2000


in German and original at Anthology of contemporary EX YU DRAMA-“Schutzzone und andere neue Stucke aus Exjugoslavien”



The Selenic Award winner for 1999/2000 - an award annually given for the best graduation play at the Belgrade Academy of Dramatic Arts

Third prize at the Competition for best EX-YU play 2000

organized by Theater m.b.H. in Wien, Austria  



Berliner Festspiele -Theatertreffen, Berlin, Germany, 2003

Wo lebst du denn? 


Schiller Tage, Mannheim, Germany, 2003

Wo lebst du denn? 


Theaterforum, Kreuzberg - Berlin, d: Steffen Neupert/Jurij Rudolf, 2008





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