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It’s a Wonderful Life - The Great Telephone Scene

George just realized that his big dreams about traveling around the world are not going to be fulfilled. His brother got married and is planning to leave the town, which means that George has to stay and continue to take care of business and his father's legacy.

Of course, George could also go, but his character is his destiny. He loves people so much that he is willing to put his dreams aside because of them. Even though he enjoys helping them raise money to build their homes, sometimes he feels stuck and angry that life never allowed him to experience something bigger and more meaningful.

At this point, George has a hard time understanding that even if we have free will, sometimes destiny overcomes. He is not aware that he has the same dream as many of his friends and that the fulfillment of that dream is in front of his nose… her name is Mary.

Mary, the one who loved George since they were kids.

This timeless tale of life, death, and resurrection is an answer to a question of what life is all about and why it is worth living.

Some questions are always relevant. If the answers are truthful, if they resonate with our hearts, they are timeless. The timeless truth is that life is wonderful just as it is but sometimes, the only way to see it is to stay without it.

The richest man in town is the one whose existence touched many lives, the one who has many friends. They are his true home.

With one of the best scenes from ‘It's a Wonderful Life’, directed by Frank Capra, I wish you a Happy Holiday Season.


Don’t miss a chance of a lifetime.


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