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Why Do We Create?

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Time destroys everything. Irreversibly. Except art.

At the table next to mine, a boy around the age of seven is drawing animals on a piece of paper. I ask him, “Hey, I’m writing about why we create, can you tell me why you’re drawing and why animals?” Without taking his eyes off of the drawing, he replies, “When I draw them, they talk to me.” I swear, his parrot from the drawing winked at me.

Fårö, Sweden

The meaning of everything, to focus with one intention

Our existence on Earth is limited. Our three-dimensional boundaries stretch within the fourth dimension, which we call time. The direction of time is in line with a minimum of resistance, which is woven into the course of nature, and we experience it as a decay of tangible, destruction, matter constantly collapsing into itself. Creation shaped with awareness - energy invested in growth and expansion, is the only irreversible process, the one and only agent that can manipulate time. Ask anyone who has ever created something out of nothing, in other words, anyone who has at least once dipped his or her toes into creation, to explain the feeling behind it and you will hear again and again: ‘it’s as if time has stopped, everything else fails to exist.’ Or, ‘it’s like I wasn’t even there.’ Even without a true understanding of our existence, people instinctively find their way to their second nature through creation, while at the same time they reconstruct, modify, consume and degrade their own potential.

In these four dimensions that we understand, creation and decay are irrevocably merged. Life creates life and death.

"I realized that the true, breathtaking, luminous beauty of the natural world was hidden from us because of our preoccupation over time.”

Realizing oneself through the Spirit

On what dimension does creation actually take place?

Creation is the act of the manifestation of the Spirit in time and space. The Spirit flows through all of us because we are Spirit. Man’s primordial need is the realization of himself through the Spirit and the realization of the Spirit through himself. The first art forms were created long before man began to cultivate land. The ability to recognize and shape the myth was born alongside the ability of our psyche to create itself.

The Spirit, Creator, the beginning of creation, creation itself, higher intelligence, the power that encompasses, permeates and expands our consciousness, the Universe, are constantly expanding, constantly creating, through us. We are the Universe through constant creation.

Creation feeds the collective unconscious and the collective unconscious feeds it. We are all one and everything is one. The process of creation is the safest way to get to know it. If we do not want to be "lost", it is wise to be "wired".

“There is only one way for the Creator to know Itself experientially as the Creator, and that is to create. And so, I gave to each of the countless parts of Me (to all of My spirit children) the same power to create which I have as the whole.”

The need for cognition

The process of creation is life itself and all the mysteries of life are contained within. That is why all questions related to meaning of life, emotions, relationships, and human existence, can never truly be answered and can only be found in hidden partial tones, emotions, and insights. Humans are curious by nature. Creation is also a process through which the human spirit meets its need for the realization of itself and the world around it.

Everything that is created is recognized, everything that is recognized exists. Everything that exists is as unique as life itself. And everything unique goes beyond the boundaries of perceptual eternity.

"People always say that imagination is the ability to understand the image. It is, however, the ability to deform the image acquired by observation. Above all, it is the ability to free itself from the first idea of the image, changing the image. Picasso's creativity was precisely in the refusal of "first imagery". The rebel is, by definition, someone who refuses the order of things. If there is no image changing, if there is no unexpected connection of images, there is no imagination, no imaginative activity."

The need for games

While playing, without a goal of some kind in a seemingly meaningless search, streaming of the human spirit through the unusual and unseen patterns can also lead to creation. Man is by nature inclined to play, because the empty space under the laws of manifestation always tends to fill itself with something. Games become a form of creation precisely because they give meaning to the meaningless. That meaning that is difficult to define perhaps is best described as the yearning for beauty in art. Or perhaps I should say, striving for harmony. The Golden Ratio between idea and form, harmony between melody and rhythm, and the balance between structure, characters, ideas, setting, and genre are actually our human need for aesthetics.

Art is the only world which, in its essence, expresses itself through meaning. Only in a meaningful world one experiences oneself as meaningful and intentional being and if you want as Creator.

It would be wrong to think this notion has something to do with control, it is an observation of something already seen, but from another perspective, something that brings surprise and insight, order into chaos.

Universal connectedness

Creation is always a call to another, an invitation for communication really. It is a chain reaction on an energetic level. It's an archetypal and symbolic gesture that creates an emotional and chemical reaction. It is an invitation from one to a group to plunge into collective unconsciousness together, the universal space that connects us all, and where we can deeply and truly feel connected.

Creation is also an initiation into one of the countless expressions of humanity, of love, really. What makes artists truly happy is becoming ‘one’ with his or her own art, the feeling of belonging to something that arose from deep within and yet it's much bigger than us.


Whatever is behind the initial creation, the design of existence, the need for the realization of self, searching for answers, entertainment, and connectivity, creation is the way of expansion, expansion of the spirit, and thus the absolute negation and victory over fear. It is the confirmation of life and immortality. Something material that transforms into spirit each time when viewed and experienced. It occurs to me that Andrei Tarkovsky lives through The Mirror (1975) and through me who perceive The Mirror.

As Monique Leurink, an astrologer, once said: “The Void must be filled. How? By Creativity. This is the process of our Essential development. If the Void will not be filled then this will cause an increasing and most unpleasant feeling of emptiness in the psyche.”

Why do you create? Share your reasons behind creation.

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